Celebrate Cinema at New Movie Theatre in Gainesville, FL

June 04, 2018

There’s a new Regal Cinemas opening in Celebration Pointe, and it’s about to revolutionize the way you watch movies. Streaming services like Netflix have caused the movie theatre industry to decline, and they’re hitting back with full force to show you how going to the movies is a much superior viewing experience than watching at home. In order to justify rising ticket prices, theatres like the new Regal Cinemas in Gainesville, Fl have made a number of exciting improvements to make the ticket price worth it. And with services like Moviepass allowing customers to see up to 30 movies a month for only $10/month, there’s no excuse not to experience the silver screen in its full glory. We’ll break down some of the new features in the upcoming Regal Cinemas in this piece.


The RPX Experience

RPX (Regal Premium Experience) is Regal’s answer to IMAX. RPX offers a screen the same size as typical IMAX screens, but with the added benefits of improved picture quality and a massive Dolby Atmos sound system to blow viewers out of their chairs. RPX is also notable for an improved 3D viewing experience. Regal is so convinced that RPX offers the best viewing experience out there, they’ll offer to refund your ticket if you don’t agree. With the closest IMAX theatre all the way in Ocala, RPX offers an awesome alternative for moviegoers seeking an intense viewing experience.

Plush Recliners

One of the biggest obstacles for moviegoers is the seats. Why be forced to sit upright, crammed in like sardines when you can enjoy a movie from the comfort of your own couch? Regal Cinemas obliterates these concerns with a seat that’s more comfortable than most have in their own house. These plush leather recliners allow patrons to recline fully with plenty of space between them and the next person over. An added tray that swivels out from the cupholder makes keeping track of snacks and meals easier than ever before. Unlike some other theatres, the inclusion of these chairs doesn’t limit seating space– Regal Cinemas’ massive theatres hold just as many seats as a typical theatre if not more.

Full-Service Bar

There’s nothing like kicking back in a recliner with a freshly made Whiskey & Coke and watching an excellent movie, and now that’s an experience you can enjoy at Regal Cinemas. Now there’s even more reason to show up to the theatre early, with a fully-stocked bar so you can grab a drink before the show. Running late? No worries, just bring your drink into the theatre. The movies should be a place to unwind, and Regal Cinemas is doing everything they can to make their viewing experience as comfortable as it would be inside your own home.

Kiosks on Kiosks

Buying movie tickets is something that was destined to become automated from the moment movie theatres were created in the first place. Regal Cinemas has embraced that convenience with a number of self-serve kiosks so you can easily buy your tickets and pick your seats. Still prefer human interaction? No problem– a fully-staffed guest services counter can assist with any issues.

With all these exciting amenities, we can’t wait for Regal Cinemas to open. When it does, it’ll be the best movie theatre in Gainesville, FL, no doubt about it. Enhanced graphics, comfortable recliners, alcohol, and automation– coming soon to a theatre near you.

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